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It is awesome that he holds the record for maximum original quotes authored by a single individual in any language globally and historically.

- Brain Tracy: Motivational Speaker, Author of 70 books

Dr. Prateep V Philip’s quotes are both profound and prolific. It covers the entire gamut from life, success to leadership and management. It is awesome that he has excelled in the 3000 year old record of King Solomon of 3000 proverbs. It is indeed a valuable contribution to the wisdom literature of the world.

- Dr. John Demartini: Human behavioral specialist, educator, internationally published author and business consultant.

Dr. Prateep Philip needs no accolades regarding his life and its noble pursuit because the footprint of his work will grace the annals of history as a life that took chance and circumstance and fathomed a conduct of hope for others to follow. His literary offerings are always inspirational and because they are challenging – have become practical. Fillipisms which are offered as bite sized food for thought covers the gamut of many disciplines. As a marketplace leader and expositor of ethics, I have already found myself mesmerized by his ability to conjure up phrases akin to verbal gymnastics. This collection should be in every leader’s grasp to learn from the deep wisdom behind the words as well as to teach the deep wisdom in the words.

Krish Dhanam, Author and speaker, Dallas, USA.

A smart alec tickles our sides. An intellectual opens our eyes. And our minds. A blessed wordsmith, Dr. Prateep Philip, IPS, embodies the promise of tomorrow through punchlines. Christened ‘Fillipisms’, a clever play on his surname, in razor sharp contrast to many a philippic spewed by ‘Prophets Of Doom’, they are a great tonic for the body, mind and soul.

- Sanjay Pinto: Advocate and Author, Former resident editor – NDTV 24x7

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‘Fillipisms’ is a bible for trainers like us. In the fast paced VUCA world, people like me are working hard with fingers to the bone. This book is a pure pleasure play to read. Brain Tracy’s foreword is awesome. These maxims tail off the ignorance. You have become a “Maxim wonk” holding the fort after Aristotie, Plato and Socrates. Fillipisms create confidence in the readers’ mind. These quotes are like a rifle on an infantryman, it speaks with authority it has inputs from a child to a constitution. Your great care in chiseling it reflects like a lamp which flings its light over the whole sentence. This work of yours is going to fill in a large part of our lives. You make the reader wise and yes, it produces a positive mind-set. For me, it’s money for jam. Your power of intelligence and imagination are ahead of time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration it I say ‘Prateep Philip’ itself is an inspirational quote. You learnt the art of lifting our spirits. It is a “Best in show”.

 M. S. Shivakumar - Head – Learning & Development, Bahwan Cybertek Pvt. Ltd.

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I love short, powerful lessons that can completely change my perspective, and Dr. Prateep Philip’s new book is exactly that. There’s an inspiring proverb for nearly every situation, and you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. Get the book! It’s always a good thing to have a positive jolt of energy and excitement from time to time.

Phil Cooke, Ph.D. Media consultant, filmmaker and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering what you were born to do”

“The Truths of the Universe, captured by the light that is each Fillipism. The Macrocosm within a Microcosm”, Cover Art by Nishala Isabel Philip 

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