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FILLIPISMS is a word coined by the author to christen his unique and original maxims that are simple, pithy, full of puns, metaphors, written mostly over the past ten years but drawn from his three decades of experiences and reflection. The author has had two near death experiences of surviving a drowning in the sea and the world's very first human bomb assassination of a world leader. He is inspired by great lives and great thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Thiruvalluvar but his chief source of inspiration is the life and teachings of Jesus. This book is his legacy of Inspiration and motivation to the contemporary world.


It is awesome that he holds the record for maximum original quotes authored by a single individual in any language globally and historically. 

- Brain Tracy: Motivational Speaker, Author of 70 books.

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Dr. Prateep V. Philip, IPS is currently a Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu, India. He is from the 1987 batch of the Indian Police Service. His thirty three year service as a senior police officer includes stints as Superintendent of Police in four districts, Deputy Inspector General of Police in one range as well as in State intelligence, Commissioner of Police of one city, Inspector General of Police, Crime, Economic offences, Wing, Welfare and Civil supplies CID. As a young Assistant Superintendent of Police, he is a survivor of the world's first human bomb assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. This traumatic experience led him to formulate a new idea and start the Friends of Police Movement.

The Friends of Police Movement has spread to other states and nations. The Friends of police Movement has been recognised with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Award for Innovation in Police Training and Development, 2002 as well as the SKOCH Gold Award, 2019. He is also the only senior civil servant in India to be selected for the inaugural prestigious Gurukul Chevening Scholarship for Leadership and Excellence. His studies at the London School of Economics under that award led him to conceive a new global discipline to promote innovation called Excenomics, the world's first interdisciplinary study of excellence and its correlation with innovation and excellence. He is the author of several books and articles in international journals. He has created a new thought process as a holistic alternative to Positive Thinking, Lateral Thinking called Equilibrium Thinking.

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