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Coined by the author, ‘Fillipisms’ are his unique and original sayings. They are simple, pithy, pun- filled and metaphoric. These maxims are three decades of his life learnings, written and compiled over the past ten years. Featured in the Asia Book of Records, the book contains 3333 Fillipisms by Dr. Prateep V. Philip, IPS that will spur you on to your best life.


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Dr. Prateep V Philip’s quotes are both profound and prolific. It covers the entire gamut from life, success to leadership and management. It is awesome that he has excelled the 3000 year old record of King Solomon of 3000 proverbs. It is indeed a valuable contribution to the wisdom literature of the world.
Dr. John Demartini
Human behavioral specialist, Educator, Internationally Acclaimed Author.

A book full of wisdom and wit for a man who has lived through challenging situations. And Prateep has bought change to contexts that others might find impossible. Here he shares his rich learning in a way that gives us all an opportunity to apply these riches to our lives and work.
Sue Knight. NLP Master Trainer and author of NLT at Work.

I love short, powerful lessons that can completely change my perspective, and Dr. Prateep Philip’s new book is exactly that. There’s an inspiring proverb for nearly every situation, and you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. Get the book! It’s always a good thing to have a positive jolt of energy and excitement from time to time.
Phil Cooke, Ph.D.
Media consultant, filmmaker and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering what you were born to do”.

"The Truths of the Universe, captured by the light that is each Fillipism. The Macrocosm within a Microcosm". Cover Art by Nishala Isabel Philip.

Fillipisms - Paper Back Book

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