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Fillipisms - 3333 Maxims

FILLIPISMS is a word coined by me to christen these unique and original maxims that are simple, pithy, full of puns, metaphors, written mostly over the past ten years but drawn from my three decades of experiences and reflection. I had two near death experiences of surviving a drowning in the sea and the world's very first human bomb assassination of a world leader. I am inspired by great lives and great thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Thiruvalluvar but my chief source of inspiration is the life and teachings of Jesus. This book is my legacy of Inspiration and motivation to the contemporary world.

More than 3333 maxims by a single author is one of the unique factor in this book. And this was possible because of my brain child Equilibirium Thinking (Eqthinking) a thought process only one that is completely compatible with the way your cardiac system works.

When you constantly practice eqthinking, all your neurons keep firing and your brain is kept in extreme readiness to decide quickly and act or react effectively.

When you constantly practice eqthinking, all your neurons keep firing and your brain is kept in extreme readiness to decide quickly and act or react effectively.

Eqthinking is an all weather thought process (TP). To drive a person to success one needs a thought process to boost esteem, confidence, motivation, persistence and perseverance. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To sustain one in failure and repeated failure, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To lead others, a team one needs a TP. Eqthinking meets that need. To plough through loneliness and desertion by others, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking serves that need. To relate to all kinds of people one needs a TP. Eqthinking equips us to deal with difficult people as well as all and sundry. One needs a TP to deal with both strengths and weaknesses. Eqthinking equally deals with both. One needs a TP to solve problems and face life’s challenges. Eqthinking enables us to be creative in our response to these challenges. One needs a thought process to deal with boredom, with normal times when nothing seems to be happening. Eqthinking meets such need too. One needs a TP to improve decision making. Eqthinking is just such a thought process. One needs a TP to tame or modulate our emotions and reactions. Eqthinking is a thought process that regulates emotions. One needs a TP that will strengthen will power or the ability to act. Eqthinking does just that. One needs a TP that develops attitudes over time. Eqthinking removes negative attitudes and enhances the positive ones. One needs a TP that is simple and yet comprehensive. Eqthinking is precisely simple and comprehensive. It is a round the clock or anytime thought process. It is compatible with the way the human body, mind and spirit are structured and work. In short, it is the key that has eluded psychologists, therapists, leaders, managers and teachers hitherto.

Just as the alternation of night and day, of summer and winter, of breathing in and breathing out, of the movement of the right leg and the left leg while walking, the expansion and contraction of the heart and lungs, so the human mind needs to alternate between reinforcing positive thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, decisions, actions and negating, reducing, overcoming, transforming negative thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, choices, actions, reactions and habits in order to attain, maintain and enhance mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual equilibrium. To know more about eqthinking, check #eqthinking #fillipisms

Here are few reviews by great thinkers on Fillipisms - 3333 maxims,

It is awesome that he holds the record for maximum original quotes authored by a single individual in any language globally and historically.

Brain Tracy: Motivational Speaker, Author of 70 books

I love short, powerful lessons that can completely change my perspective, and Dr. Prateep Philip’s new book is exactly that. There’s an inspiring proverb for nearly every situation, and you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. Get the book! It’s always a good thing to have a positive jolt of energy and excitement from time to time.

Phil Cooke, Ph.D.: Media consultant, filmmaker and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering what you were born to do”

Dr. Prateep Philip needs no accolades regarding his life and its noble pursuit because the footprint of his work will grace the annals of history as a life that took chance and circumstance and fathomed a conduct of hope for others to follow. His literary offerings are always inspirational and because they are challenging – have become practical. Fillipisms which are offered as bite sized food for thought covers the gamut of many disciplines. As a marketplace leader and expositor of ethics, I have already found myself mesmerized by his ability to conjure up phrases akin to verbal gymnastics. This collection should be in every leader’s grasp to learn from the deep wisdom behind the words as well as to teach the deep wisdom in the words.

Krish Dhanam: Author and speaker, Dallas, USA.

A smart alec tickles our sides. An intellectual opens our eyes. And our minds. A blessed wordsmith, Dr. Prateep Philip, IPS, embodies the promise of tomorrow through punchlines. Christened ‘Fillipisms’, a clever play on his surname, in razor sharp contrast to many a philippic spewed by ‘Prophets Of Doom’, they are a great tonic for the body, mind and soul.

Sanjay Pinto: Advocate and Author, Former resident editor – NDTV 24x7

Thank you for reading this article. Please share this article for many to get a renewed life. A new though process that leads to success.

Prateep V Philip

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